Congrats Ryan Flynn!

Spring Creek Ranch has had the honor of having Ryan Flynn photograph more than a few weddings over the last several years. Each time Ryan arrives I know our wedding couple is in for a very special treat.  Looks like the word is out now that the entire world also knows how incredible Ryan’s work is.  We are so tickled to see Ryan listed as one of the world’s top 100 wedding photographers.  No small feat.  Congrats Ryan, Emily and Bodie!

Claire & Ted

Claire & Ted

Celestial Cinema 2016

5 years ago I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to see some wonderful films outside, under the  sparkling Methow skies?”

Flash forward to the 5th outdoor film experience in the Methow Valley!  This year I’m pleased to announce that Celestial Cinema will show Zootopia AND Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Mark your calendars for an incredible weekend of movie magic.  Click on the LINKS above to watch movie TRAILERS.  This season’s proceeds benefit METHOW ARTS

Celestial Cinema 2016

Celestial Cinema 2016

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Fleeting Fall Days

In between snow flurries and early morning frosts, these golden afternoons hold their currency in gold.  Washed in soft, glowing sunlight it feels cruel to be anywhere but beside  the Methow River enjoying the fleeting days of fall.


Kickstarter Success!

Admittedly, I am quite behind in the blog world.  But this is only because there has been so many exciting things happening at Spring Creek Ranch.  Yes, our Kickstarter Campaign was successful and we raised $5,000 that will go toward organizing and executing the 3rd Annual Celestial Cinema in August of 2014!

And then there have been weddings!  Beautiful, glorious weekends full of friends, fun, relaxing, imbibing, fabulous eating, beautiful brides, stunning grooms, great weather and as our last wedding of the 2013 season approaches (October!) I will try, try will all my might to give each weddings its due space and acknowledgement right here. Oh, the photos!  The photos have been coming in and they are so great, I can’t wait to show them to you.


Fantastic view of last nights’ Celestial Cinema, outdoor movie experience.  Nothing like an entire community coming together to enjoy a beautiful August night complete with yummy food, fresh local beers and wine, lovingly organized kids crafts and oh! a hot air balloon to accompany the film, Up… of course!

Coinciding with the first outdoor movie night of the cinema series I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for next years Celestial Cinema.  The screen (see lower left corner) and sound rentals are quite spendy and the logistics of coordinating many different businesses, non-profits and vendors is very time consuming.  Please take a look at the campaign HERE

Please consider giving fearlessly. Every little bit counts and helps to ensure the quality and longevity of this beloved film experience.