Fleeting Fall Days

In between snow flurries and early morning frosts, these golden afternoons hold their currency in gold.  Washed in soft, glowing sunlight it feels cruel to be anywhere but beside  the Methow River enjoying the fleeting days of fall.


Celestial Cinema 2013!

Dates chosen (check), screen and sound reserved (yup), movies picked (you betcha), poster designed (you rock, Sarah!), non-profit organizations onboard and excited to share in the magic of…

YES!  We’re moving full steam ahead with a great line up of films: Disney/Pixar’s animated film, “Up” and Warner Brothers/Amblin Entertainment’s epic tale, “The Goonies”.  Spring Creek Ranch is proud to support two great non-profit organizations this year: The Confluence Gallery and Little Star Montessori School.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

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Methow Monday walk to school

When I haven’t seen the sun in a few days, and then the bright light returns, I am caught off guard by the beauty of the Methow Valley.

Walking across the Spring Creek Bridge to take my daughter to school this morning I had a second helping of gratitude.  This bright, Monday morning was like a heaping plate of sun, water, sky, frost, and crisp air.  The Methow River smoothly ran by, Spring Creek Ranch glowed in magic morning light and my daughter urged me on each time I stopped to just stare- to really see what is before me most days.

“I want to go to school!  Lets keep going to school!”, my youngest begs.  Ah, music to this Mama’s ears.

Wishing you all a bright, fresh Monday!




Wondering what to do with young kids during your Winthrop stay?  Look no farther than our wonderful library system.  Both Winthrop and Twisp have their own libraries that are part of the larger North Central Washington Regional LIbrary system.  The regional library system allows us Rural Readers to request any book that we’d like to read that might not be on the shelf at one of our libraries.  Whether you are looking for a little Seamus Heaney or Nicolas Sparks’ latest our lovely librarians, Sally (Winthrop) and Terry (Twisp) can order whatever you are looking for.

The NCRL also has a wonderful summer reading program for children, “Dream Big! Read!” which hosts a variety of events and readings through out the summer for children.  Last week we saw a fun puppet show in Winthrop and then capped the experience off with a home viewing of Being Elmo.  Have you seen this documentary about Kevin Clash who is Elmo’s puppeteer?  It is so worth seeing- my 72 year old father in law as well as my 3 year old were held in rapt attention.  No easy feat for a documentary!