Hike Highlight:: Look Out Mtn

:: Look, Daren has a new tail!
:: Maeve insisting on hiking herself :: Ayla sets the pace.
:: Candy stick at the top. How sweet!
:: Last snow patch on the mountain.
There are so many wonderful hikes to do in the Methow Valley. We choose Look Out Mtn for our first family hike of the season. I wanted a kid friendly hike to start out the summer and it was a great choice for little, fresh legs. Ayla walked up and back all on her own and even Maeve hiked on her own a bit, after sampling the available shoulder rides.

We have started a new family tradition of going to our local homemade ice cream and candy store, Sherri’s, where Ayla gets to pick out ONE piece of candy that she gets to take on our next hike. So far the experiment has worked beautifully. She gets to eat the candy at the TOP of the mountain and then she is all sugared up for the way down!
This spring was so wet and cold that there is still snow on Martin, Bigelow, Hoodoo and Gardner in the background of these pictures….in late June.
Just one of many family friendly hikes to enjoy in the Methow Valley.

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