Head Of The Year

I am, indeed, a little late in posting these images…ahem…fall has come with a flourish of activity around Spring Creek Ranch. There has recently been a last hay cutting, a move to design the NEW website, the opening of fishing season!, our local rodeo, Okanogan County Fair and the beginning of a new school year.

Bringing us back to Rosh Hashanah. Translated from Hebrew as the Head of the Year or commonly known as the Jewish New Year. I had the distinct honor of bringing snacks for my girls’ first day at Little Star Montessori and I thought what could be more timely (and yummy) than fresh challah.
As our little one was resting from the excitement of the Labor Day Rodeo (big sister decided at the LAST possible moment not to climb onto the back of a wild sheep and bust some mutton-next year, perhaps?) preparations for making challah began…
Challah, in the world of kid’s bread baking, is like an action sport. You get to divide the dough, squeeze it into long snakes and braid! And in the case of the Rosh Hashanah challah…make it ROUND.
The tradition of making the usual loaf round signifies the continuation of the seasons, the cyclical nature of the year (among many other interesting ideas). The word for year-shana comes from the hebrew word repeat…
Brushing on the egg glaze, so much fun.
Voila! And of course, the kids got apples and honey, too!

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