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We have been talking about it for years, and we just finally got it done! Spring Creek Ranch encompasses an amazingly diverse 60 acres. There is river front and a pond. There are alfalfa fields and a stream. Each area is teeming with vegetation and wildlife, but I think that the magnitude of the area is a little overwhelming for new explorers!

We designed a trail that you can get on from Spring Creek Ranch House and/or the Cabin. The trail winds you through the ranch to the river with posted natural history and wildlife information to read as you go. This way you can go at your own pace and enjoy the area all year long. The trails will be marked on our NEW property map which will appear on our NEW website.

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to Drive everywhere while you are on your vacation. Now you can access ski trails, the ice skating rink, the sledding hill and your own personal snow shoe trails right at Spring Creek Ranch. A huge bonus, especially with little ones!
With the trail project “almost” complete, we have moved indoors a bit. The wood stove has been burning at our house and yummy treats have been coming out of the kitchen.
Our favorite fall holidays were “greeted” with spectacular costumes. That is an “Autumn Butterfly” ahem, in case you were wondering……
and, as always, a few tricks to keep it fun while completing fall chores. Yes, that is our firewood pile!

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