Touch Of Tuesday

Touch Of Tuesday :: highlighting a special moment from the week.
I admit it. I have been down on the ducks. They’re messy and LOUD and after a winter spent changing their water out twice a day I had just had enough. Until, I walked into the coop and found this:

OH! Such big, beautiful eggs. What an amazing nest they made and tucked their eggs into so gently. I admit it. I swooned for just a wee moment. Finally the ducks have started to lay again.
In case you’re wondering…aren’t you? Duck eggs DO taste different than chicken eggs. They can be a little salty or muddy or remind you of fresh grass. It just depends what they have been dabbling on. We sell most of our duck eggs to a little boy who is allergic to chicken eggs but he can enjoy duck eggs!

Most of our egg “clients” are away for Spring break and we are overflowing with eggs around here. If you need some give me a call…

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