Squeaky Saga

Apples, cherries, apricots, popcorn…Squeaky loved them all while he was a guest in our home. And I think he loved us too. I’ve never before had such a relationship with a wild animal. Each morning any one of us could extend an arm into Squeaky’s cage and he would gingerly hop onto our hand and crawl right up our arm to say good morning.
Indeed, life was good for Squeaky. Too good, actually. We started to think about the fall and the winter. Would Squeaky stay with us? Would he hibernate with us? Could he survive outside…
So we decided to experiment. One evening we took Squeaky outside and put him into a hollowed out nook inside one of our cottonwood trees. We gave Squeaky a cherry, which he took with both his hands and ate and then we said goodnight. Yes, there were some tears. But, we felt like it was time for Squeaky to have some squirrel adventures. We had successfully nursed him back to health and now we wanted to see if he could survive on his own.

The next morning we went out to the tree, looked inside the nook and called for Squeaky. And out he popped his head and flew on over to me, and crawled up my arm. This pattern was repeated for FOUR days. Each day he greeted us in the morning and wanted to play. Then, on the fifth day- Squeaky was gone. Hooray (we hope)! I for one imagine Squeaky flying through the cottonwoods with his squirrel friends- stopping by the river for an morning thirst quencher and then sleeping the days away in a safe, tiny hollow, way up in the tree tops. Don’t you?

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