Sunday Stroll

I am amazed every time how a simple walk or snow shoe through the Spring Creek Ranch property can turn into an adventure.
Just down from the barn we spotted these tracks. At first I thought it might have been a stray dog, then a coyote, but open further investigation and a tiny bit of tracking knowledge (retractable claws ah huh!) we determined the tracks belonged to a Bobcat and was reminded of a very close encounter with this same creature in our barn a few years ago. I will have to revisit that story soon…
Onward we walked, some with heavier (though sweeter) loads than others and were gifted with viewing both Golden Eyed and Merganser Ducks and a virtuous Bald Eagle that few right over my head while my gloved hands fumbled for the camera- to no avail.
We ended up here. Crossing back and forth along the Spring Creek Pedestrian Bridge not so much to go across it- that would be mundane at least to a 6 year old. No we just strolled back and forth, looking over the edge or through the wires upstream (immature Bald Eagles) and down stream (salmon carcass) and soaked up the sun and the scenery.
Not such a bad view from the Spring Creek Bridge- what do you think?

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