Returning home from our working visit at Grandpa’s and Grandma’s we found that an uninvited guest had visited while we were gone. The uninvited guest had a ringed tail and a black mast and no, I’m not talking about Zorro.

We lost almost all of our ducks to a very agile raccoon. One Cayuga female was left alive but she couldn’t walk so we brought her inside where she lived in our bathroom for a week. We put her in our large sink twice a day so she could swim about and made her comfortable in a cat carrier at night. I was really hoping that her leg might heal up and that the daily swimming would serve as beneficial physical therapy.
However, after almost ten days she still couldn’t walk. After much discussion about her options we decided to release her on the river. I didn’t see how she could survive with the rest of our poultry any more and I didn’t have the heart to end her life. So on a beautiful, sunny afternoon we took her down to the Methow River and gave her the first real taste of freedom she had ever had. She loved swimming around and grooming herself. She swam up and down the river bank and settled close to Ayla who sat watching her from atop a boulder. Finally she crossed the river and started what was undoubtedly her greatest and last adventure.

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