Urban Renewal

I’m not sure I’ll ever have a week filled with such an eclectic mix of experiences…ever?  In the course of one week, seven days I found myself at a dear friend’s birth of her third daughter, alone on endless groomed ski trails, in the Seattle Public Library, enveloped by the darkness of countless movie theaters (who says you can’t see every film nominated for Best Picture in one weekend?), in the loving company of my Sister-In-Law who lives in Italy, in search of the perfect bottle of scotch, and then having one of the most unusual dining experiences of my life.

Can we all say out loud together, “The Corson Building!”  I have never felt so welcomed, so well fed and dare I say, entertained at an eating establishment before.  Thank you, Wylie, Emily, Mark and Kyle and all the folks I met at our family style table of ten.

Oh, and then I bought a car.

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One thought on “Urban Renewal

  1. Mara Zepeda said:

    Sarah! It was such a pleasure! Thank you for posting these photos. Can’t wait for next year.

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